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Organize your inspiration

The things you love, the things that inspire you, at your fingertips. Always. Let Applicate do the organizing for you.

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Why Applicate

We believe that everyone should be able to organize their images by what they mean to them. Not algorithmically, but personally.

We take hundreds of pictures and screenshots of the things and moments that we love and inspire us. Our smartphones have made it truly easy! Keeping all this content organized in a meaningful and useful way is a completely different story.

After over a decade at the sharp-end of fashion and interior design industries, Chiara Pastorelli knows firsthand how difficult it is to organize your saved images. To find them, reference them and use them. Tired of not being able to find that crucial image inspired her to create Applicate.

Applicate allows you to personalize and organize your images by what they mean to you, then share them in a private and personalized way.

Chiara Pastorelli, Applicate founder

Save, organize, edit & find your inspiration

With the help of machine learning Applicate enables you to tag your pictures and screenshots, creating automated and personalised, smart folders.

It suggests labels and identifies the URLs of the images you capture, categorizing your inspiration in a seamless way, making it always available and easy to find. With Applicate, you can store and share organized smart folders with anyone, saving time in searching and labeling your digital treasures.

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Who is Applicate For

Everyone who wants to boost their creativity and productivity!

If you have ever taken a screen shot and lost it, then this app is for you!

‍If you are scouring shops for a new sofa and have 26 photos of grey sofas in your camera roll then this app is for you, if you have hundreds of photos of beauty products that are on your wish list then Applicate is for you. If you love finding,  saving and sharing what inspires you then Applicate is for you.

While creatives such as fashion buyers, artists, interior designers, wedding planners would find Applicate especially useful, this app is aimed at anyone collecting photos and images so they can organize their inspiration meaningfully, keeping it forever at their fingertips.

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